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Calls per month quota for Premium plan
Calls per month quota for Premium plan
Written by Danny Lannon
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What is the Call Quota for a Premium User

As a Premium user, you get unlimited calls per month. However, you must receive a minimum of at least 3 calls per month within a 30 day period in order to keep your agent number active.

What happens if I don't receive enough calls per month?

If you don't receive at least 3 calls within a 30 day period, your account will be reverted back to Demo mode. If your account is reverted back to Demo mode, this means your agent number was removed and is no longer available. You will be notified from us stating this change.

Why do I lose my agent number if I have unlimited calls?

Agent numbers are removed for little or no call activity because we pay for those agent numbers, so if you receive fewer than 3 calls within a 30 day period, your agent number will be deactivated and will be released for another business to use.

Plan limit reset

As a Premium user, you will have unlimited calls as long as you have paid the $59 fee for our service. If your account is not paid for any given month, your account will be locked until you pay the fee.

For more information on our plans, please see our Pricing page.

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