Discover answers to common questions about Goodcall's AI phone answering service, including call quotas, toll-free numbers, and account management.

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What happens if you don't receive calls within a 60 day period?Lean about our 60-day call quota. Including account deactivation and how to avoid it by using our phone answering service.
How To Use Goodcall's Block Caller SkillLearn how to use Goodcall's AI phone answering app to block unwanted callers effectively, preserving your call limit.
Calls per month quota legacy solo accountsLearn how legacy solo accounts must meet a min call quota per mo to keep their agent number active, w/ details for users before Feb 1, 2023.
Does Goodcall support Toll-Free numbers?Learn if Goodcall's platform supports toll-free numbers for their phone answering service.
Does Goodcall Support Vanity Numbers?We currently do not offer support for vanity numbers as one of our phone answering service options.
How to control SMS reportsManage SMS reports via your Goodcall dashboard or via SMS, ensuring a tailored phone answering service experience.
Google Voice is now available for GoodcallIntegrate Google Voice w/ Goodcall to improve your phone answering service, including SMS & email verification steps.
Can I Try The Demo Free?Goodcall's Demo plan offers a free AI phone answering service, designed to empower small businesses with cutting-edge technology.
What countries is it available for?Goodcall, the premier AI phone answering service, is available in your country and learn how to join our international beta program.
Can I Give My Team Access to Goodcall?Add unlimited users to your Goodcall account as a Premium user, enabling them to manage calls and messages with our phone answering service.
Can I add another location?Add another location within your Goodcall account in a few easy steps. Enahce your Ai Answering Service now.
Can I set up my current phone to forward to Goodcall?How to set up conditional call forwarding from your current phone to Goodcall, allowing seamless integration w/ our phone answering service.
How To Change My Goodcall PasswordSecurely change your password with the Goodcall Help Center.
If I change information in Yelp, what happens?Learn how updating your information on Yelp impacts your business listing, including daily syncs for open hours & special schedules.