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Can I add another location?
Can I add another location?

Add another location within your Goodcall account in a few easy steps. Enahce your Ai Answering Service now.

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How To Add Another Location

Click the "plus" icon under your agent name. This is also accessible from the Account Settings --> Plan&Billing page.

Pro Tip: If you are a savvy marketer, you can use the Goodcall number in 2 interesting ways.

  1. Use different Goodcall phone numbers on each platform to track call volume based on platform. Use the "Add location" feature to create a new phone number for your business. It can be the same location, but a different phone number.

  2. Buy call based Ads and use the Goodcall phone number. Goodcall will tell you why people call the number and help you understand the ROI of your Ads. Each call is a lead which Goodcall can capture via a Knowledge skill or Message. Google Ads, Yelp Ads and Facebook Ads provide solutions to grow your calls.

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