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How To Use Goodcall's Block Caller Skill
How To Use Goodcall's Block Caller Skill

Learn how to use Goodcall's AI phone answering app to block unwanted callers effectively, preserving your call limit.

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How Your AI Agent Can Block Calls

Goodcall now allows customers to block calls

Context: This feature is useful for customers who receive spam callers and want to preserve their calls per month.

Steps below:

  • Log into your dashboard

  • Select your "calls" tab

  • Select the call you want to block

  • In the bottom right-hand corner, you will see the "block caller" button


You will be given the option to confirm your changes


Note: Once you confirm your changes, if the blocked caller calls your agent again, they will still be able to interact with your agent. However, if they request to connect to your business line, the agent will say Sorry, your number is blocked from making this connection. How else can I help you?

Note: Depending on your plan type, your call count for the subscription tier will be updated to subtract the blocked caller from your list of calls.

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