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Knowledge: skills and actions
Knowledge: skills and actions

Explore our comprehensive guide on enhancing your skills w/ our AI phone answering service.

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How To Teach Your AI Agent New Skills

Control what your agent knows and how it responds to callers from the Knowledge screen.


The Knowledge table explained

Skills - we call each knowledge item a "skill". Skills represent what your agent can do.

Example phrase - what a caller can say to trigger the skill. Don't worry, this is only 1 example of many that your agent will understand.

Action - what your agent will do when a callers asks about the skill. For most skills, you can change the action your agent will take.

How to change your Agent's knowledge

Clicking any skill in the Skills table will open a form where you can

  1. Change the configuration for that skill using the drop-down menu

  2. See a sample of how the conversation might go

Let's look at the form for Take Order.


If a caller asks about ordering anything, the above Take Orders skill is currently set to respond by offering to send a link with an option to customize what the Agent will say.

Use the drop-down menu to change this setting.

Knowledge imported from Yelp, Wix & Google

If you have a Yelp, Wix or Google account, when you sign up to Goodcall we import data to setup Skills like LOCATION and OPEN HOURS for you.

If you want to change this data, you'll need to do so in those accounts. Why? We don't want you to have to update all your business info. in multiple places. Goodcall checks for new data every 24 hours.

Build Your Own Custom Skills in 3 Easy Steps

Enhance your Goodcall AI agent's capabilities by creating custom skills that make your customer interactions more efficient, personalized, and reflective of your business’s unique flair. Here’s how you can quickly set up custom skills:

  1. Identify and Enter Common Customer Phrases: Start by thinking about the questions or requests your customers frequently make during calls. Enter these phrases into the Goodcall system to help your AI agent recognize and appropriately respond to these queries.

    Pro Tip* You can also check your Performance Tab for teachable topics.

  2. Craft Tailored Responses and Actions: Next, create custom responses that align with your brand’s tone and provide relevant information or solutions. You can also set up specific actions for your agent to perform, like directing the caller to your website, scheduling appointments, or taking messages.

  3. Name and Activate Your Skill: Finally, give your skill a unique name for easy identification, then save and activate it. Your AI agent is now equipped to handle these customer interactions more effectively, showcasing the best of what your business has to offer.

By following these simple steps, you'll unlock a new level of customization for your AI agent, ensuring a more human and personalized experience for your customers.

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