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Calls: Why, who and when
Calls: Why, who and when

Boost your phone answering service with Goodcall, call tracking, agent response improvement, & new skills to enhance customer support.

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How does Goodcall boost your phone answering service?


The calls screen shows you who called, when, and what was said from the Agent's point of view. It's a great place to see what is happening with your business calls and how your Goodcall Agent is doing. If you see problems, let us know, we want to improve.


Log into, click "Calls"

Calls table explained

Beyond who called and when the grey "Action chips" show you what happened on the call. Click a chip to see what your Agent heard. You can also see the "status" of your calls from the beginning, middle and end of your call.

How to improve your Agent

If you see calls where the Agent should have done a better job, there are two ways your agent can make mistakes

  1. It doesn't hear or understand what the caller said (understanding)

  2. It doesn't know how to help the caller even if it heard correctly (resolving requests)

Resolving requests

The skills section is where you can teach your agent to resolve requests. If you're getting caller requests for a topic we don't cover in the table, submit a new skill request!

Improving understanding

If your agent isn't hearing and understanding well, please let us know. We can make changes to improve the understanding by adding examples from real callers.

NOTE: we don't allow users to add these caller examples themselves because it can break the other things your Agent does understand. It's a tricky business :)

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