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Teach Your Agent To Be An Operator
Teach Your Agent To Be An Operator

Operator skill improves your phone answering service by connecting callers directly, providing quick answers & great ai customer support.

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Route Calls To The Right Team Member With Your Ai Agent Operator Skill

This Skill is used to connect a caller to the business when they ask to speak with a person, or when the agent doesn’t understand what the caller said. You can configure the Operator skill to trigger for both open and after hours.

Sample Phrases


Customer service

Speak to someone


The Operator skill can be used to perform the following 4 functions during open hours:

Transfer call (Default & applies to most businesses)

This requires you to have the business number set to connect the caller to the business. You can do this by navigating to your agent settings, and input your business number in the agent profile section.


Tips: Here are other configurations available to use for this skill (these are less commonly used by businesses)

Give quick answer

This functionality allows you to input language that you would like to communicate to your callers for when you are unavailable to speak with your callers. For example, you can say: “I can't connect to anybody right now, but if you tell me in a few words how I can help, I'll do my best.”


Take a message

Your agent can offer to take a message for the business in the greeting. If the caller agrees to leave a message, it captures customer information such as their name, their contact preferences (call or text) and their message, which will appear in your dashboard as a recorded call in the “calls” tab.


Direct caller to website

Your agent can offer to send your callers a link via text message in the greeting. You can text them a link to your website so your callers can learn more about your product and/or service offerings, or make a purchase. It’s important to explain the link to let the callers know what the link is about. For example: “Unfortunately, I can't get anybody to the phone right now. You may be able to get the information you need on our site. <Can I text you the link?>”

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