Discover how to enhance your AI phone answering service with skills for call routing, hold music, order taking, and more.

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How to Create Your Operator - DirectoryGoodcall's Operator & Directory improves phone answering service, helping agents route calls or messages to business contacts efficiently.
Updating Your Business DescriptionLearn how to set up your AI phone answering service to provide custom business descriptions to callers verbally or by sending a link.
Your Ai Agent's Hold SkillSee how our AI phone answering service holds callers in queue with music until you're free, improving customer experience.
Teach Your Agent To Take OrdersHow to configure your AI phone answering service for to help with orders, texting links, quick answers, or message taking.
Teach Your AI Agent To Help Callers Running LateFind out how to set up your AI phone answering system to manage calls from late customers w/ quick responses, website directions, & more.
How Your AI Agent Can Help With Walk-insBoost efficiency with our AI phone answering service. Manage walk-ins using customizable responses and direct engagement options.
How Your Ai Agent Can Handle Appointment ChangesManage caller appointments w/ our AI phone answering service. Ex: cancellations, rescheduling, & details on consistent customer support.
Teach Your AI Agent How To Manage Open HoursOur Open Hours skill manages your business's variable schedules and integrates with platforms like Google and Yelp for automated updates.
Taking Messages With Your Ai AgentGoodcall's message-taking skill enables agents to take messages from callers, ensuring no opportunity is missed, even when you're busy.
Schedule Appointments With Your Ai AgentGoodcall's AI phone answering service manages appointments, direct website booking, quick answers, call transfers, or message taking.
Your AI agent Can Learn About Your Business PricingThe Pricing skill for your AI phone answering service can guide callers to your website, offer quick answers, & connect with your business.
Teach Your Agent To Be An OperatorOperator skill improves your phone answering service by connecting callers directly, providing quick answers & great ai customer support.
How to Optimize Your GreetingCustomize your greetings with our AI phone answering service, including direct website links, SMS, and taking messages after hours.