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Taking Messages With Your Ai Agent
Taking Messages With Your Ai Agent

Goodcall's message-taking skill enables agents to take messages from callers, ensuring no opportunity is missed, even when you're busy.

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How Your Ai Answering Service Can Take Messages

This skill allows the agent to take a message from the callers for your business. It’s triggered every time the caller says “I’d like to leave a message” or when the business # is busy.

Some other phrases that can trigger the Message Taking skill are:

Can I leave a message

Leave a message

If the caller agrees to leave a message, the agent prompts with 3 questions and records the answers:

  • What’s your name?

  • Would you like us to call or text you?

  • What’s your message? (this question can be customized)


Sample dialog between the caller and your agent:

AGENT: “Sorry we’re closed now but open tomorrow at 8am. How can I help you?”

CALLER: “I’d like to leave a message”

AGENT: “Sure, I can help with that. I’ll need your name. What’s your name?”

CALLER (EXAMPLE): “Jim Nantz.”

AGENT: “Got it. Would you like us to call or text you?”

CALLER (EXAMPLE): “Call me.”

AGENT: “Got it. What is the message?”

CALLER (EXAMPLE): “I’m calling to see when the 2021 models are coming in. I have a client coming in next week and I’d like to have some floor models ready for them.”

AGENT: “I’ve sent your message to our team. Is there anything else I can help with?”

Where do the messages go?

You receive the messages according to your configured mode (Email and/or SMS). The messages also appear in your dashboard as a recorded call in the “calls” tab. If you hover over “message”, you can also view a transcript of the message.


Configuring message delivery method

Go to the Agent Settings in your account to set the mode of message delivery (Email / SMS) for the given account users. You can add more people for multi-users settings.

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