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Teach Your Agent To Take Orders
Teach Your Agent To Take Orders

How to configure your AI phone answering service for to help with orders, texting links, quick answers, or message taking.

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How To Teach Your AI Phone Agent To Take Orders

Make money by configuring how you would like your agent to react when the caller wants to place an order. You can help your customers to place their orders with your business using voice conversations and commands.

The phrases that can trigger orders are:

Place an order

I'd like to place an order

This skill can be setup to perform the following 4 actions in response to your caller:

1. Direct caller to website (default; used by most businesses)

If you have a website that takes online orders, you can choose this option. You can set your agent to respond to your caller who wants to place an order with a customized message followed by an offer to send an online link. If the caller agrees to receive the link, the agent will be able to send that as a text message.


Tips: Here are other configurations available to use for this skill (these are less commonly used by businesses)

2. Give quick answer

If you have any specific guidelines for customers who want to place an order with you, or want to provide any other important information to your callers regarding orders, you can use this space to customize your response.

3. Transfer call to the business # (requires you to have a business #)

If your preference is to talk to the customers directly when they want to place an order. For example: if you have any specific requirements, or have any additional questions for your customers, you can choose this option to connect them to your business line to speak with someone.

4. To take a order message

If you’d like your callers to leave a message for you when they call about placing an order, you can select this option. If the caller agrees to leave a message, it captures customer information such as their name, their contact preferences (call or text) and their message, which will appear in your dashboard as a recorded call in the “calls” tab. It will follow the flow of message taking [link article to learn more about the details how messages are handled..]

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