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How to Optimize Your Greeting
How to Optimize Your Greeting

Customize your greetings with our AI phone answering service, including direct website links, SMS, and taking messages after hours.

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Customize Your Greeting With Your Ai Agent

With this skill, you can customize how your callers are greeted for every call.

Example Greetings

“Thanks for calling the Fun Barbershop. We are a local barbershop that offers full service haircuts, special hair styling services and much more. <How else can I help you?>”

“Thanks for calling ABC Auto Repair. It’s easier to request a quote directly through our website. Please visit our website at [website] <Can I text you the link?>”

“Thanks for calling the Music Shop. All of our staff members are currently assisting other customers at this time <Would you like to leave a message?>”

Note: Text which is in a bracket, such as “<How else can I help you?>” cannot be changed.

There are three key options to configure when welcoming your customers with this skill:

The customizable quick answer greeting (Default & applies to most businesses)

The agent is set to say your customized greeting. You can use this space to greet your customers differently for open / closed hours if you’d like, and provide some basic business information. For example: “Thank you for calling [business name]. We’re a [business description]. For more information on our products / services, please visit our website. In a few words, <how else can I help you?>”. Additionally, you have the choice to say / not say your open hours in the greeting. To learn more about Open Hours, click [here] ← Include a link to the Open Hours skill


Direct callers to website - Send an SMS to drive callers to your website

With text back, your agent can text your callers a link to your website so they can learn more about your product and/or service offerings, or make a purchase. It’s important to explain the link to let the callers know what the link is about. You can customize how you want to explain your link to your callers such as “if you want to learn more about our business, please visit our website”. The agent will then prompt “can I text you the link?” which is text that can’t be changed. If the caller says “yes”, the agent will send a link via SMS to the phone number that the caller called the agent from.


Agent offers to take a message

Your agent can offer to take a message for the business in the greeting. If the caller agrees to leave a message, it captures customer information such as their name, their contact preferences (call or text) and their message, which will appear in your dashboard as a recorded call in the “calls” tab. You can also choose to include open hours.


When will the agent answer?

Your Greeting skill also has a relationship to when you instruct your agent to answer. You can change this in “Agent Settings”:

  • If your agent is set to “immediately” answer, the call will begin with a greeting every time.

  • If your agent is set to “after no answer at (XXX) XXX-XXXX”, the agent will only greet the caller if the business number is busy, if the caller is calling after business hours, or if 15 seconds have passed after no answer from the business.


Quick Tip: A short greeting addresses a quick response to the callers, which often helps businesses respond to requests faster. An ideal greeting would be 20 words or less.

Quick note: Consent whisper: “call recorded for quality” is the consent to record the whisper that callers will hear before they are transferred to your business line.

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