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Change appointment
Change appointment
Written by Danny Lannon
Updated over a week ago

This skill enables you to help your callers manage their existing appointments. You can configure how the agent should handle questions from your callers about canceling or reviewing their appointment details.

The phrases that can trigger Change appointment are:

Change appointment

Cancel appointment

Reschedule appointment

You can set your Goodcall agent to perform any one of the following 4 actions, similar to configuring appointments.

  • Give quick answer

  • Direct caller to website

  • Transfer call

  • Take message

Ideally, the configuration for “change appointment” should be the same as the one you have for “setting appointments” to maintain consistency.

Example: This could be different if you want to send customers to the website to make appointments, but want to talk with them when they need to change it. In this case, the appointment skill will be set up to send a link and this Skill will be set up to connect to your business numbers.

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