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Can I setup my current phone to forward to goodcall?
Can I setup my current phone to forward to goodcall?
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With conditional call forwarding your customers call your current phone number and are forwarded to Goodcall when you don’t answer or the line is busy. You can enable conditional call forwarding with your current telephone provider.


For example to enable in Comcast Business, go to the web portal and enable it in phone settings. Many providers allow you to enable using *90 and *92. Check your telephone provider for details. Ask/search for conditional call forwarding.

The difference between general call forwarding and conditional call forwarding

Call forwarding creates a call loop between your phone provider and Goodcall, however conditional call forwarding will ring your store first, then picks up. To use direct call forwarding, you will need an additional phone line to receive the call from Goodcall. For example, if you were forwarding your number from Comcast to Goodcall, you would then have Goodcall connect to a different number such as your cellphone number.

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