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What's New with Goodcall Voices?
What's New with Goodcall Voices?

Discover new, human-like voices in Goodcall's AI phone answering app, enhancing customer experience and brand identity.

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At Goodcall, we understand that the voice of your business is as crucial as the service you provide. That's why we're excited to unveil the latest enhancement to our AI agents: a range of new, human-like voices designed to elevate the customer service experience to new heights.

The Human Touch in Digital Interaction

The new voice capabilities are not just about sound quality; they're about creating a connection. These voices are crafted to be warm, engaging, and clear, ensuring that every call is not just heard, but felt. This upgrade is a game-changer for businesses aiming to make every customer interaction count.

Tailoring Voices to Brand Identity

Every brand has a unique identity, and now, Goodcall agents can reflect that through their voice. Whether your brand is friendly and casual or formal and authoritative, there's a voice to match. This customization extends beyond mere tone; it's about embodying the brand's character in every conversation.

Examples of Voice Integration in Various Business Sectors

  • Hospitality: A luxury hotel can choose a voice that speaks with sophistication and grace, befitting its clientele making reservations and inquiries a premium experience.

  • Salons/Beauty: Salons can opt for a voice that is cool and collected, providing support even before the customer steps through the door.

  • Home Services: Home service-based companies can select a crisp and articulate voice, ensuring critical information is delivered in an understandable and personable manner.

The Impact of Voice on Customer Experience

The right voice can turn a simple inquiry into a memorable brand interaction. For instance, a local bakery could use a cheerful and warm voice to inform customers about daily specials, baking classes, or event catering services, making the call an extension of the bakery's inviting atmosphere.

Embrace the New Era of Voice Communication

We invite you to experience the clarity and relatability of our new voices firsthand. Dive into our walkthrough below to find the perfect voice for your brand. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our success team is just a click away—look for the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.

With Goodcall's new voices, your AI agent becomes more than a point of contact; it becomes the voice of your brand, resonating with customers and creating lasting impressions.

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