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Business Description
Business Description
Written by Danny Lannon
Updated over a week ago

This skill helps your callers learn more about your business. You can configure your agent to either say something customized, or offer to send a link to your website, whenever a caller asks to describe the business.

The phrases that can trigger Business Description are:

What type of business is this?

What kind of business is this?

This skill can be setup to perform the following 2 actions in response to your caller:

1. Give quick answer(default; used by most businesses)

You can use this space to set your agent to respond with a customized description of your business. Mention things like what does your business do, what products / services do you offer, important information, details, etc.


2. Direct caller to website

If you have a website that has information about your business, you can choose this option. You can set your agent to respond to the business description query with a customized message followed by an offer to send an online link. If the caller agrees to receive the link, the agent will be able to send that as a text message.

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